About Realms of Thinking

Realms of Thinking can help schools and businesses grow into a thriving hub of creativity and innovation.

Realms of Thinking transforms the professional practice of educators and grows the capacity of every student to think creatively.

Realms of Thinking is playing a vital role in influencing the broader education landscape of Australia. It is doing this by challenging many of the preconceived norms associated with education through the preferencing of creativity, innovation, imagination and future-oriented thinking.

Fostering Creativity

Realms of Thinking encompass a collection of 16 dispositions which are cognitive skills that unlock and improve a person’s creative thinking and academic engagement. Through the development of these dispositions, a learner’s default mindset becomes predisposed towards creativity, thereby giving rise to different ways of working.

Connecting to curriculum

Realms of Thinking connects to any possible curriculum area by transforming an educator’s planning and teaching activity through the incorporation of creativity dispositions, a learning framework and peer feedback.

Developing Innovative Thinkers

Realms of Thinking enable an invention cycle which is built upon imagination and creativity. This is the foundation of an approach to innovative teaching and learning which has the potential to transform pedagogy and the overall educational experience of students.

Building Entrepreneurship

Not every young person will become an entrepreneur, but a Realms of Thinking place of learning recognises that to be successful in today’s world every young person needs to think like an entrepreneur. By embedding Realms of Thinking into the learning, teachers are honing the cognitive skills young people need to learn at a deeper level, to identify more opportunities, challenge more assumptions, generate unique solutions, and bring more ideas to fruition.

About St Paul’s School

St Paul’s School is a co-educational Pre-Prep to Year 12 Anglican school located in northern Brisbane. St Paul’s has built a reputation as one of the most innovative schools in the world and in 2019 was named as the Australian School of the Year at the National Education Awards.  The School has rolled out Realms of Thinking across its entire curriculum and is seeing students thinking and ways of working transformed.

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