Meet the Team at the Centre for Realms of Thinking

Realms of Thinking has been pioneered by lifelong educators who are at the forefront of innovative pedagogical development and organisational transformation.

Gabrielle Kempton

The Director of Realms of Thinking

Gabrielle Kempton is a recognised expert on Teaching Creatively, Teaching for Creativity and Learning Creativity and how creativity can be fostered within educational contexts.

Gabrielle’s work has been drawn on by numerous educational institutions around the world as they seek to foster and elevate creative and critical thinking in their students.

Over the past 15 years, Gabrielle and her team have undertaken in-depth research around creativity, identifying sustainable pedagogy and strategies to embed and foster creativity that are influencing the national educational debate across the country.

Tim Osborne

Realms Coach

Tim Osborne has worked extensively with educators in exploring how Realms of Thinking can be fostered and nurtured across all learning levels and subjects.

Tim’s expertise is in the area of design thinking. He works with educators and independent corporations leading them through Design Led Ventures as an approach to developing creative functional solutions that enhance the world we live in.

Tim has worked with and facilitated several Design Led Venture workshops with a variety of outside institutions including the Brisbane Airport Corporation, Suncorp, World School and Learning Environments Australasia.

Alana Reville

Realms Coach

Alana Reville specialises in Realms of Thinking pedagogies and practice. She regularly works with teachers across Prep-12 to develop interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary learning opportunities.

Her expertise help teachers make Realms of Thinking visible through their planning, the environment for learning, student’s documented self-reflection and the showcasing of learner agency.

Alana has been an educator for over 20 years and her commitment to the Realms of Thinking supports her personal philosophy that perceives the child as rich in potential, powerful, competent and most importantly, sees them connected to their community.

Melanie Johnson

Realms Coach

Mel Johnson has extensive experience in interdisciplinary teaching and in developing vertical learning programs. Over her 20 years as an innovative educator, Mel has developed a deep passion for fostering creative and critical thinking. Mel values teaching practices that cultivate self-determined learning, student autonomy and encourage student voice. She loves helping teachers establish learning environments and programs conducive to supporting learners to go beyond known comfort zones, take risks, and to ask critical questions about what they are learning. She is a firm believer in developing a sense of team through building peer and classroom relationships based on diversity, inclusion and belonging

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