Potential Concepts and Big Ideas


Planning Templates and Resources

CLF Planning

The framework consists of four interconnected organizing elements encompassing Working with Knowledge; Shaping Learning Activity; Environment for Learning and Learner Dispositions. The CLF is the conceptualization of the relationship between Curriculum, Realms of Thinking, Ways of Being, planning, teaching and learning activity.

Using Your Realms Resource Kit

The Realms of Thinking Teacher Resource Kit provides support for teachers working co-creatively to begin designing and developing their Common Learning Framework Planning. Within this area there will be a resources that provide teachers with ways of working with these teacher resources.


You will find a variety of resources to support the planning, teaching and learning within IST across the St Paul’s School. These resources support IST learning activities and challenges and assist their development through a process of co-creation among Core and ‘Disruptor’ teachers.


Design Led Ventures (DLV) enable learners to grow as innovative thinkers through developing innovative functional solutions that enhance how we live. The DLV is underpinned by a design led process which provides opportunities for learners to understand authentic needs and issues within a variety of contexts.


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