Why Realms of Thinking

Realms of Thinking is an innovative and transformative approach to establishing sustainable education practices that equip educators and young people with the necessary capabilities and dispositions to flourish in this rapidly-changing and interconnected world.

Realms of Thinking is a collection of dispositions (cognitive skills) that nurture the growth of every students’ ability to think creatively, to generate unique solutions to problems, that if they choose, can be taken to market.

At a Realms of Thinking educational organisation, every studio, classroom, laboratory and learning space becomes an incubator for innovative thinking. The creative and innovative thinking skills nurtured in young people grows their capacity to think like an entrepreneur.

The Realms of Thinking journey

An organisation’s purpose statement

For a Realms of Thinking place of learning to be successful, there must be a culture of trust and a spirit of innovation in each layer of leadership. An organisation must be committed at every level to seeing creativity flourish


Not every young person will become an entrepreneur, but a Realms of Thinking place of learning recognises that to be successful in today’s world every young person needs to think like an entrepreneur. By embedding Realms of Thinking into the learning, teachers are honing the cognitive skills young people need to learn at a deeper level, to identify more opportunities, challenge more assumptions, generate unique solutions, and bring more ideas to fruition.

Design led ventures

Design Led Ventures is a way of working that falls out of Realms of Thinking. Design Led Ventures enable young people to capitalise on their creativity within real-world and practical contexts. Learning activity encompasses engagement across three dimensions; Engage, Ideate and Prototype that support the development of innovative solutions.

Discipline mastery

Those who reach the top of their chosen field often demonstrate the capacity to think differently and see opportunities which others cannot. Through the growth and development of the creativity dispositions, subject matter experts can identify solutions their peers cannot and supercharge their career progression.

Creativity dispositions

Realms of Thinking focusses on the fostering of 16 key dispositions that help to shape and influence how educators engage their students with bound and interdisciplinary knowledge. When the 16 dispositions are actualised they give rise to different ways of working, such as design thinking and entrepreneurialism. This is made possible as the student’s default mindset is now predisposed to creative thinking. Thus, allowing them to more easily spot gaps in the market or perceive innovative solutions to complex problems.

Mastering the basics

At a Realms of Thinking School, student’s mastery of basics is an essential prerequisite to them perceiving and discerning disciplinary mastery. This is not to say though, that we do not expose or initiate learners into deep, complex, or abstract conceptual thinking and interdisciplinary ways of working along the way. Rather, we acknowledge our responsibility to seek opportunities that encourage, provoke and enable all learners to ‘go beyond’ and to ignite their imaginations for the possibility of what might be.

See Realms of Thinking in action.

Realms of Thinking has been pioneered by lifelong educators who are at the forefront of innovative pedagogical development and organisational transformation.

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